December 30, 2014

December goals…I rocked the chocolate!

I’m putting together my January goals, but first, let’s see how I did with my December goals:

1) Bake with Jay at least twice a week (and not get worked up when he spits in the mixing bowl or blows flour all over the counter).

Check! We baked a lot.  Just look at my midsection. And I embraced the spitting…and the flinging of raw egg when he started waving the mixing spoon around like a lasso.

2) Read Scripture during my nursing sessions a minimum of 3 times a day.

There were some days where I majorly failed this one, and boy did I feel that lack of Scripture in my life on those days.  Joy would wane, peace would disappear, and fears and anxieties would arise.  Scripture is soul-filling my friends.  I NEED to make it a priority.

3) Go on at least 1 group walk with my walking group.

Fail again.  I was all set and ready to go one week, and then I got mastitis.  And then with the holidays, well…January, we’re coming for you!  Slowly, and with crying babies in tow, but we will walk!

4) Read 3 or more books a day with Jay.

Success!  We checked out and read dozens upon dozens of books from the library.  And bonus, I managed to avoid accruing any (more) library fees!

5) Clean my house. 

I did! Once….because grandma came over and I needed her to know that I wasn’t letting her son and grandson live in a pigsty. And because this is what it looked like:

And a bonus goal: Eat one piece of chocolate every day.

I totally rocked this goal *pats self on the back*

How about you?  Have you ended December feeling good about what you accomplished? 


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Iulia is a former educator turned stay-at-home mama of a spunky toddler and a squishy infant. With a touch of sass and a good dose of self-deprecating humor, she has an ever-expanding repertoire of bloopers, insights, stories, and impassioned opinions to share. Iulia likes to think she has this parenting gig figured out, but her littles remind her daily just how far from the truth that is.

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    Reply Julia Nyanyo December 30, 2014 at 12:59 pm

    That’s the problem with setting such specific goals isn’t it, what if you don’t make it? I try to keep my goals a bit more vague, I find it much less pressure that way (or is that defeating the object?) Congrats on the Chocolate achievement, that must have been tough!!!

      Reply Iulia Gulia @ Best of Baby December 30, 2014 at 4:08 pm

      Hey Julia – yea, specific goals can be hard to keep up with…that’s why I do it on a monthly basis 🙂 I get a fresh start each month 🙂

    Reply Amanda December 30, 2014 at 9:16 pm

    haha Yay for that once a month cleaning fairy that appears! Love it and that you enjoyed a piece of chocolate each day. 😉 Scripture is soul-filling indeed. That’s how I use to speed my time nursing as well. Definitely keeps you centered.

    Reply Oak & Oats December 31, 2014 at 3:22 pm

    Great goals! I love that reading library books and baking were your goals! I am sure your little loved all those memories as well!

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