November 16, 2014

Elle’s Natural Birth Part 1

I started this blog a while ago and have since been racking my brains for an appropriate first post.  The first post seems like an inauguration of sorts, you know?  I didn’t want it to be a cliche introductory post, but also felt it needed something more ceremonious than the dozens of random blog ideas I had floating around in my head.

Months passed, and still no first post…and then, well, I had a baby.  And what better first post for a baby blog than a birth story?  So here we go.. (warning: this will likely be lengthy and detailed, more for my sake as I want to remember every detail of this birth…and also, it’s a birth story, so squeamish readers beware)

Natural Birth

I’ll refer to my little girl as Elle.  Elle’s birth story really starts long before her actual birth.  All throughout my pregnancy with her brother, I had hoped and planned for a natural delivery.  Unfortunately, a little after his due date, I discovered that I was leaking amniotic fluid (and had been for days) and had to get induced.  Well, if you’ve ever been induced with pitocin, you know that (at least for most women), it’s downright miserable.  While I was able to avoid a c-section, I didn’t have the natural labor I had hoped for, and to this day I still wish things had gone differently.  With Elle, I really wanted a better birth.  One of my biggest fears was having to be induced again for leaking fluid, so I did some research and found out that taking extra Vitamin C can help strengthen your amniotic sac.  You better believe I loaded up on the stuff!  I was also afraid of a malpositioned baby.  With my son, I had incredibly intense back labor (often a sign of a posterior baby) and was unable to sit or lay down for pretty much the entire duration of labor….talk about exhausting!  So I did some more research (side note: that’s kind of a theme in my life…I research pretty much everything)….anyway, more research and I learned all about optimal fetal positioning.  Cue obsession with posture, special exercises, sleep positions, and proper sitting (oh my word, it feels so good to be able to recline again).

Another crucial thing I did was hiring a doula.  Apart from my sweet husband, I felt like I had very little support and coaching during my labor with my son.  Looking back on it now,  there were so many moments where someone trained in labor/delivery could have coached me and helped me labor better.  Instead, I was mostly just left to my own devices, and seeing how I was a first time mom and also attempting an epidural free delivery on pitocin , I just had no idea what I was doing.  I knew that a doula could offer the support and guidance that I (really we, because my husband needed it too) needed.  My hubby has said time and again how happy he was that we had our doula for this birth.  She’s attended hundreds of births and really knew what she was doing.  She took the pressure off of him….he could just be there for me rather than worry about if he was coaching me properly.  Ladies, I cannot emphasize enough how awesome it was having a doula.  I’ll talk more about her when I get to the actual birthing part, but really, hire a doula.

Probably the most important thing I did during pregnancy was pray.  I dealt with the emotional aftermath of my first birth for a long time.  This time, I really desired a good birthing experience.   I prayed frequently for a peaceful, natural, and normal birth….and God so graciously answered that prayer.


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