April 8, 2015

I’m a Beauty Blogger Now… (HA!) – Savvy Curls

Disclosure..I took the plunge and did something I said I’d never do, I became a consultant for these headbands, because they’re that awesome (this means that I get a small commission if you use my code, and you get a discount…win/win!).

If you’re here for a Savvy Curls discount code, it’s iuliab1 …enjoy 🙂   

No Heat Curls www.bestofbabylady.com

Hands up if you love a good curl in your hair…now hands up if you hate actually curling your hair.  Yea, me too.  I love the full curly look, but hate styling my hair (confession: I actually threw away my curling iron last month).   Not only is it bad for your locks (the heat damages, folks!), but let’s be honest…who has the time?!  Well, some people do…or at least they make the time.  But me? I’d much rather keep a spotless house.

Bahaha ok, I just spit out my coffee (that I’m rather enjoying because I finally got some time to myself.  At midnight.  Which is probably why I don’t get  up early enough in the mornings to even curl my hair)

But really, I definitely don’t have a spotless house.  But I also definitely don’t like to spend loads of time every day doing my hair.  This gal?  LOW MAINTENANCE.  I’d prefer zero maintenance, actually, but that would probably be gross. 

But I digress.  Point is, I love curls, but hate curling.  Me and “Mombun” are close friends…as in we hang out together every day, all day long.

But today?  Well Mombun was starting to get on my nerves, so I replaced her.  Say hello to my new friend “LusciousCurls” :

 No heat curls www.bestofbabylady.com

Oh, did I mention I don’t even own a curling iron?  Or curlers? I CURLED MY HAIR WHILE SLEEPING.  Call me lazy, but I think I just took low maintenance to a whole new level. 

Jokes aside though, I found my new favorite styling product, the Savvy Curls Headband. No heat curls, my friends!

A few wraps….

No Heat Curls www.bestofbabylady.com

No Heat Curls www.bestofbabylady.com

 …will get you this 

(and I actually love this look enough that I wear the headband like this most days! It sure beats the Mombun, and it’s just about as easy. Plus it comes in lots of cute colors and designs!)

No Heat Curls www.bestofbabylady.com


And a few unwraps…

No Heat Curls www.bestofbabylady.com

 … will get you this! No heat curls!

  No Heat Curls www.bestofbabylady.com

Savvy Curls headbands are made with a material that takes advantage of the heat coming off of your own head, so say goodbye to heat damage and hello to no heat curls! And, they’re soft and squishy, so you can comfortably sleep in them.  Really…I’m the most persnickety sleeper, but I don’t even notice these at night.

No Heat Curls thebestofbaby.com

It took a little practice to figure it out (if you want some tips, just ask!), but once I got the hang of it?  Easy peasy.

My process is simple:

1) Put a little styling cream or mousse in my slightly damp hair

2) Wrap it up and and wear the headband most of the day  (or at night), feeling like a character from Downton Abbey

3)Right before my husband gets home, put my heels on and unwrap my hair, letting my luscious no heat curls cascade down my back. Then my husband can think I’m a perfect 1950’s housewife in my perfectly spotless house.

Excuse me while I clean up some more coffee that I just spit out again.

But really though, this is hands down my favorite hair product.  Here’s a helpful video that shows the whole process:



  If you’re a mom, or lazy, or both, or neither, or just really like curls (especially no heat curls), you’ll love this thing. (oh, and it’s great for kids too…they come in kid sizes for easy, no fuss curls!)  If you purchase one, use coupon code iuliab1 for a discount when you checkout🙂

No Heat Curls www.bestofbabylady.com

Want one?

Use code iuliab1 and you’ll get $2.00 off your purchase! www.savvycurls.com

(Yep, I love it so much I signed up to be a consultant, which I swore from here to eternity that I’d never do because I don’t really like talking to people, but guys, these rock.  It’s worth becoming an extrovert for.)

Easy, no heat curls WWW.BESTOFBABYLADY.COM

iuliab1 and get $2.00 off! www.savvycurls.com


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