December 2, 2014

Monthly Goals

As a mom of two, especially in these newborn days, I often feel like I have no structure or organization in my life.  I sleep at random hours, I eat when I can, I clean sporadically (and rarely), and I frequently blog one handed while holding a fussing baby.  This does NOT work well with my Type A personality…I crave structure, routine, and predictability. You know, the things you don’t usually get when your little one is only a few weeks old. I’m learning to relax and just go with the flow, but I still like to have something that lets me feel a little less…un-anchored. So I’ve decided to do a monthly goals post. Setting goals for myself, whether small or big, helps me feel more grounded and less like I’m just floating through my days.

My December goals:

1)Bake with Jay (my two year old) at least twice a week (and not get worked up when he spits in the mixing bowl or blows flour all over the counter).

2)Read Scripture during my nursing sessions a minimum of 3 times a day. We nurse a lot in this house…why not use that time for something redemptive and soul building? Candy Crush certainly won’t sanctify me.

3)Go on at least 1 group walk. I started a walking group on my side of town a month ago…and we’ve gone on a total of ZERO walks. Womp womp.

4)Read 3 or more books a day with Jay. We are hungry hungry book worms in this house (seriously, I check out about 75 books from the library every month…no exaggeration), but reading has not been very consistent with the current upheaval in our schedules.

5)Clean my house.  Did you expect me to say “Clean my house X number of times”? Nope…I’m embarrassed to say I’ll settle for even one thorough cleaning…or even a sub-par cleaning.  Heck if I can just get all the toilets clean I’ll call it a win.

And a bonus goal: Eat one piece of chocolate every day. No, I’m not aiming to limit myself to one a day…I want to eat a minimum of one piece a day.  Why? Because chocolate.

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    Reply Andrea Mitchael December 10, 2014 at 8:10 pm

    Hehe 😀 These are BRILLIANT 🙂 I am nervous about baking with my boy — you’ll have to share tips on your boldness! I guess it might just mean being more patient, myself! I LOVE the library 😉 how wonderful that you are setting mommy goals — I am inspired! I pray that your nursing times will be a wonderful time to read and spend time with the Lord. What does your son do while you nurse your baby? Yay for walks and ugh for cleaning — me too, girl, me too! You’ve got this! Thanks for linking up 🙂 I’ll set up a “Check-In” linkup on the 15th to see how things are going if you’d like to stop by! <3

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